System Room

What is a System Room?

The closed area where devices such as Server, Storage, Switch, Firewall and UPS belonging to IT (Data Processing) Systems are hosted and managed is called the system room. They are rooms with high level of security, which pave the way for the safe and trouble-free transfer and management of both international network connections and inter-branch connections with these devices, which are used by businesses of almost all sizes.

System Room Solutions

The physical security of the devices in the system rooms within the environment must be protected from external factors and the ecosystem. For this reason, precautions such as Dust, Humidity, Temperature, Power Outage must be taken. In this context, we can make your system rooms safer and more protected by receiving the services listed below.

System Room Solutions

  • Cold Weather Corridor
  • UPS for Power Outages
  • Smoke and Heat Detectors
  • Raised Base and Floor
  • System Room Card Access System
  • Detailed Network Arrangement
  • Network Mapping
  • Patch panel termination

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