Server Installation and Maintenance

With our Corporate IT Solutions, in addition to the installation, maintenance and repair services of the servers in your business, we report all problems and suggestions that you may encounter in the future, such as software upgrades and hardware health checks, and enable you to take quick action.

Server Maintenance and Support Services

We know how important your time and data are, so performing a series of operational procedures such as maintenance, repair and necessary optimizations of the servers in your business, as well as constant updating of the operating system and virtualization architectures and taking security measures, is the most important security measure your business will take against negativities.

Onsite and Remote Support

In this context, it is necessary to take the necessary precautions for your business, perform all system checks with our on-site and remote IT Solutions, and periodically carry out the relevant checks by our expert team in order to increase the sustainability of vital functions such as possible hardware malfunctions, data security, virtualization, raid structure and data storage.

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