What is Virtualization?

Kasım 26 2019

What is Virtualization?

Why is Virtualization Important?

In today's technology, businesses need to keep up with the ever-developing and changing technology age. Just like the conveniences brought by technology, it also brings with it a number of needs and problems such as misuse of this technology, security vulnerabilities, insufficiency of hardware resources and increased infrastructure investment costs.

For this reason, it has become inevitable for businesses to use different IT solutions to increase data access, data security and sustainability. However, businesses need to avoid high IT investment costs, ensure that security and sustainability are at the highest level, and also need to manage these technologies correctly and work with the right IT Experts.

In order to both reduce investment costs and minimize problems that may arise from the human factor, it is necessary to reorganize the IT Infrastructure with Virtualization Architectures, one of today's Technologies.

Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization allows the installed operating system, including all Computers and Servers, to be packaged and moved and run on different Computers and Servers. At the same time, it enables the virtual machines of which you can create a copy to be run again from the copy in the event of a digital or physical disaster. Thus, you can take precautions and be protected against errors that may occur due to human factors or hardware failures that may occur physically.

While virtualization infrastructure facilitates security and management, it also brings with it some requirements and costs. It should be taken into consideration that the virtualization structure will require investments such as storage areas, server and license costs. However, in the age of technology where data is very important, it is inevitable for corporate businesses to make these indispensable investments to prevent irreversible data losses that will result in disaster.

Virtualization Management

Management and monitoring of the virtualization architecture is at least as important as Disaster Scenarios. For this reason, you need to work with the right IT Experts or get IT Support from the right company. Risks and possibilities should be analyzed, the first steps to be taken in case of any disaster should be determined and action should be taken accordingly.

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