Web Design

As an Istanbul web design company, we use the latest technology and search engines of the changing and evolving algorithm according to the structure we design and encode corporate web sites. The development is according to W3B, Google standards, and criteria, while AMP supported accelerated mobile pages are computed into the finest detail. Your website, the biggest and most important part of your company's presence in the digital world, with its unique designs and SEO compatible infrastructure, your competitors will easily be left behind. You can review our web design processes and our software technology briefly below and you can contact us immediately without losing any time.

Web Design Price

Web design prices cannot be determined in advance for the reason that a website will be designed and coded according to a companies needs, so the price for every customer will differ. For this reason, if there is a website which you like you can send us the link and this should be enough for us to quote a price. Then you will receive an informative mail about the technology and the features to be used on your web site including the price for the charges. The following will be the signing of the agreement, the protocol indicating the responsibilities of both parties.

Web Design Approval

Your corporate web site with its unique style and graphics will be designed according to the reference and features that you have requested. The interface design, which will tell you how it will look when your web site is finished, will be sent to you for approval. If there is a change and revision that you want to be made, the changes to the draft will continue until you like and confirm the interface design.

  • Codeigniter
  • Php
  • Html 5
  • Mysql Server
  • Jquery
  • Javascript
  • Sass
  • Css 3
  • Bootstrap
Web Design Coding

The next process after you confirm the interface design will be the W3C, SEO and Google standards compatible with AMP - supported fast coding of mobile pages. Unless there is a specific demand the website is hosted on Linux servers with PHP software. On the top corner of our page, you can see the technologies that we use in the designs of our web sites. You can easily test your web site with speed, performance, and SEO tools such as Google Speed insights, Gtmetrix and Pingdom.

Web Design Testing

We have mentioned some of the free test tools above, that you can use for the software, speed and performance. The values which the search engines pay attention to are examined and tested on the web site. The functions and features of the site are also tested with the visitor's point of view.

Web Design and Seo

Some integrations made by us to make your new web site 100% compatible with search engines.

  • W3C Google standards.
  • AMP Supported Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  • Pre-Memory Verification.
  • Minimum DNS Redirects.
  • JS Parsing
  • Creating the Google Analytics domain.
  • Optimize ROBOTS.TXT and SİTEMAP.XML.
  • Insertion of tags such as H1, H2 and H3
  • And more...

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