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The guaranted and easiest way to leave your competitors back on search engines. We guarante with SEO that your web site will get to a better position and will have more flow of organic visitors.

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What is SEO ?

The term search engine optimization is an in-site and off-site optimization format to increase the ranking of websites on search engines . So that search engines are complying with the criteria and the standards of the web site . This includes the coding of websites and the organizing of your website and relation to your business or industrury . The off site SEO is when your web site is supported by more powerful sites than yours and more visitors and sent to your website with backlinks . The rules that are determined by the search engines are not just in-site SEO at the same time , it also covers non-site SEO studies . For exmaple , if you promote your website from sites that have been penalized by search engines it will bring your website harm.

SEO Difference with Google Ads

Although there are big differences between SEO and Google Ads , the purpose of both is to get the best position in the search engines . However , when you run out of budget for your  ads your ranking goes back to its old position . When the visitor flow of your site stops , the websites that have a high natural flow of visitors go above your ranking . This is a little different in terms of SEO in the course of corporate SEO studies , your web site will gradwally increase with the SEO and will decrease backwards gradwally when the SEO has stopped . Hawever , you should also remember that a site has risen naturally through SEO in the search engines will also decline because of wrong optimizations you have made on your website or SEO and peresentation and backlink sites from the wrong places .

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