Corporate identity

Corporate identitiy designs that will give life to your business with unique graphic designs to reflect your brand , product and quality of your business. 

What is Corporate Identity ?

It is the corporate identity that reflects the brand , quality and the services of an enterprise . Corporate identity has a very important place both in printed media and the digital world , and this contains more work . Corporate identity start with a logo design and departs with documents , letterheads , envelopes and block notes . Hawever , there are many areas where can you reflect the brand or services of your business. All of them are the working of the same concept connected with the corporate identity. For example , the colors of your web site , cover and profile photos of your social media accounts , prices and the quotes determin your corporate identity. The design is very important . 

Logo Design

As mentioned above , your corporate identity design should reflect your brand , quality and your services . Fort his reason , your business and competitors should be analyzed well . A unique and strong design should be made . The color pantons and gradient tram transitions to be used in the logo design should be determined very well . It must be compatible and suitable for different printing techniques such as offset printing , serigraphy printing and pad printing .

Graphic Design

Graphic  design studies , which has the same concept as corporate identity , cover the  works to be done with in the framework of the rules that corporate identity has set as a standard. To give examples of design that are out of corporate identity , buying or selling offers or a banner for your website or any thing that requiers a special design can be called digital ar printed media. Graphic design changes with in the enterprise , but follows the corporate identity so that different designs are produced at the same standards without changing the determined concept.

Web Design

Whether corporate identity or graphic design , we do the most accurate analysis and design and inform you about how these designs sholud be used . We also provide you with a corporate identity user manual , which will help you identify your corporate identity with your business. Contact us now without losing more time for accurate and unique designs to reflect your business.

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