What Is Seo And How To Seo ?

Kasım 20 2019

What Is Seo And How To Seo ?

What is SEO?

you have wondered and reached this article by searching in the Search Engines maybe you have read dozens of articles, but you did not understand anything from the post now to the finest details with catchy and schemes with SEO What is SEO and SEO 's what we will inform you about the easy way and after reading this article now sites will not crawl:)

What is SEO?

SEO is a Search Engine Optimization that is the name given to all of the works that enable your website to rank high in the Search Engines like Google, Yandex, Bing.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization ‘short for SEO‘

Search Engines constantly follow the Algorithm and Core updates closely developed with the SEO work in the Search Engines to get better position and rankings of your Internet site and attract more visitors to your website.

What is the Purpose of SEO?

As mentioned above, SEO is a study that optimizes the ranking and position of your Internet Site in the Search Engines and increases the search engines with natural and organic visitor flow.


1. What is SEO?

2. Search Engine Algorithm

3. Importance of Keywords for Seo

5. Seo Compatible Web Site

6. What is In-Site Seo Optimization

7. What is Off Site Seo Optimization

8. What is Backlink?

9. What is Seo Techniques

What is Seo?

SEO briefly covers the standardization of the Search Engines to make your website suitable to the standards and some off-site studies that should be done with natural and organic ways in the Search Engines.

The purpose of asking you to comply with the rules determined by the Search Engines is to better understand the important criteria such as your business, your sector, your service, your product, your brand and your service area and to direct your visitors to the web sites in the best and correct way.

What is Search Engine Algorithm?

The changes that Search Engines make in Search Engines in accordance with the developing and changing technology are called Algorithm update. These changes are made in order to show the correct visitors to the Internet sites and to provide them with the information or products they are looking for easily.

Web sites affected by these updates may lose their reputation and position in the Search Engines, or may come to a better position, and there are many factors that will trigger this fluctuation. Search engine bots can detect permanent and temporary penalties by detecting websites that have similar behaviors or errors, such as illegal visitors.

Importance of Keywords for SEO

Keywords are the sine qua non of an internet site If we need to make an analogy, we know the key words of our diplomas are the words that tell Search Engines what your website is doing, what it does, what it sells. Therefore, your business or product and keywords should be in the right proportion

You should not use dozens of words that come to your mind while making your keyword preferences.

1. Search Volume

2. Relevance

3. Frequency Ratio

4. Keywords

Search Volume refers to how often a keyword is searched for in Search Engines, for example “Computer“ Search Engines have a very high level of competition, so the use of this Keyword is proportional to the other clauses mentioned above.

However, as this keyword suggests, the user is looking for a picture or information related to the Computer, so we understand that it is a keyword that will not be transformed because the Computer does not want to buy it.

However, as it is understood from the word “Computer Prices ar, a user who wants to buy a new Computer is doing a price search so if you have an E-Commerce site or you are selling a Computer, this is the keyword you should use.

As you can see from the Relevance level, your Keywords and the services you provide must be the same as the products or content you sell and should match the searches in the Keywords Search Engine. Computer Prices in the content of your web site as a word, Page Headings, Slogans, Keywords, Products, Computer Prices should be related to the computer prices should be related to your content.


Frequency rate Your keywords are related to how often you use your website will make you think you're doing it.

Therefore, it would be wrong to use Keywords in a way that is not suitable for the natural flow of life.

Search Engines should enter content for visitors, not for short, a searched keyword in Search Engines should have the equivalent of your website, high relevancy, keyword frequency ratio should be ideal and accurate Keywords should be used.

Keyword Count may vary depending on your job and service, or your location and sector. Search Engines have not specified a clear Number of Keywords in this regard. However, this does not mean that we turn our website into Keyword dump. For this reason, we should use our Keywords to target visitors without exaggerating. As we mentioned above, if you are selling Computers, we should use words like Computer Prices, Cheap Computers, Collecting Computers, and consider yourself as a customer when choosing Keywords and choose your Keywords this way. See: Choosing the Right and Simple Keyword

SEO Compatible Website Design

Websites need SEO as much as SEO needs Websites, so you can't go too far with Seo Non-Compatible Web Site Design Your website needs to keep up with this change to keep pace with developing and changing Technology. Almost 70% of the world's population uses smart phones and 62% of the trade takes place on the Digital Platforms, ie via the Internet. or even a wristwatch is being ordered from the internet and coming to our door to ignore this great change and development means that you are taking the flag of bankruptcy.

For this reason, in order to exist and compete in the Digital Platforms, you need to comply with the standards of the search engines, which are the world's giants, or rather the conditions they have set. It is not enough to do just SEO. Imagine, for example, that you are sitting on the third floor of an old wooden building that is about to collapse, and how much more items you can bring into this house, but you cannot bring goods into the house with the fear of collapsing. SEO is just like SEO alone. SEO needs to be able to remove and support the structure, in short, your Seo Compatible Web Site should be. See: Seo Compatible Web Site Design Features

What is In-Site Seo Optimization?

In-Site Seo Optimization involves making your Internet site compatible with the Search Engines. However, when you build your website, you need to do it as Seo Compatible Web Site Design or you need to know some code. If you do not have a Seo Compatible Web Site, you may need to manually intervene in some areas.

In-Site Seo Optimization includes keywords, page titles, site descriptions, configuration of H1, H2, H3 links, elimination of Google Seach Consol errors, measuring Mobile Compliance, Speed ​​and Performance, and reconfiguring them in relation to your business or the products you sell.

If you need to examine in detail, dozens of large, small articles should be examined one by one and your website should be Seo Compatible. Some of these items can be easily done by yourself, as well as some items from the SEO Expert and Corporate Web Design Company by taking advantage of the benefits. Check out this article that will help you about Site SEO See: Site SEO Optimization


What is Off Site Seo Optimization?

Offsite Seo Optimization As the name implies, it is a topic that excludes your Web Site from the search engines. The fine details here are harmful and beneficial elements that feed your Web site from the outside.

Backlinks, which form the basis of off-site SEO techniques, will benefit from supporting your internet site from the outside and there is a loss if backlinks are not taken from the right places.

Thanks to the backlink that you have received on your website, that website will be considered as a reference to you and trust the authority of your website, so it will share its reputation in the Search Engines with your website. Not only backlinks, but in fact all your advertising and marketing operations like Social Media Shares, Google ads, Bulk Mail and Bulk Sms are offsite SEO Optimization. If the main objective is to upgrade your website in the Search Engines, every organic visitor to your website through these channels will have a positive impact on your ranking in the Search Engines.

For this reason, you should be directed to other areas by breaking down the perception of Backlink and you should provide natural and organic flow of visitors to your website. You can provide this by sharing or promoting a remarkable article or discount product on your website.

What is Backlink?

Backlink Turkish is a term that is a back link and forms the basis of Off Site Seo Work, in short the definition is to link to your website from different web sites. For example, by sharing a product or article on another site, you can redirect users who visit that site to your own site, and in addition to share the authorizations of that site, Trust / Insecurity given by the Search Engines.

If a website that you receive a Backlink from is designated as Spam, Low Authoritarian, Harmful or Insecure by the Search Engines, the Backlinks you receive from that site will not be of any use or harm. In short, the disease will infect your site, so the website needs to be analyzed before getting backlinks. You can get detailed information about how to analyze by clicking the link above.

At the same time, if you have previously received backlinks unconsciously again through the same link you can learn about how to remove harmful backlinks.

What are SEO Techniques?

Seo Work is usually done depending on a few techniques, but these techniques will not always be right for every site Before you start working on Seo, SEO Analysis of your Website must be done otherwise you can remove the eye.

You can check the seo work done by you or a Seo Company on the fluctuations in the position and rankings of your website or through Google Seach Consol. We talked about some of the Seo Techniques, but if you need to sort some Seo Techniques are as follows.

Site Seo
Off Site Seo
Regional Seo
Corporate Seo
E-Commerce Seo
Mass Seo
Simple Seo

The 5 different Seo techniques listed above are the same as the principle of working, although it sounds the same SEO work done to raise your brand value and the other is SEO work done for the products on your E-Commerce site. Some category based, some product based, or even Site Seo works. It can be used to troubleshoot problems on your site, or you can only conduct product-based studies while doing off-site Seo Work.


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